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It’s been at least 17 years or so since I read Philip Yancey’s book “Disappointment with God” so the last thing I want to do is to give a synopsis of a book I haven’t read in almost two decades. In one part of his book however he deals with the question that plagues most of us…”Why?”
It’s that unanswered question for some of the greatest challenges in life. It’s a haunting question, a frustrating question and at times you wish that God would somehow shout the answer from heaven to clue you in about why certain things are happening. Yet in His infinite wisdom, He doesn’t do that. So why doesn’t He give the answer? As Yancey wisely puts to the reader (I’m paraphrasing), if God told you why this happened or that didn’t happen, would you be happy with the answer? The obvious answer is probably not.
I believe there is an even greater reason God doesn’t give us the answer to the “why” question. Could it be that He wants us to trust Him fully, without hesitation? The Bible shows us so many great examples of men and women who trusted in the face of impossible odds and very few answers. All of them testify to the fact that God is absolutely trustworthy – even when the answer to the “why” in your life seems so illusive.
Don’t get bogged down with trying to answer why. Trust the Lord in simple faith and reap the great result of His promises!
Heb. 6:12 (NIV) … imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.